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Thomas (“Thos”) Hohn is a native of Southwestern Illinois who has been painting in watercolor for over 40 years, and has been teaching watercolor for the last 20.

A popular instructor known for his laid-back approach to watercolor, he seeks to encourage students of all level skills to find their own way of expressing themselves in this medium. He is not interested in creating “clone” or “method” painters, but rather gently guiding students along their way to their highest potential, feeling that watercolor is a journey to be enjoyed to the fullest.

His paintings have been described by critics and collectors alike as “bright, clean” and “light-filled” in their use of color, tone, and shapes. His subject matter can be anything from landscapes to flowers, still-life studies and even architecture, all done with a loose, free style and plenty of color.

His commissioned works are found in private and corporate collections in England, Spain and throughout the Untied States, and have included everything from outhouses to churches, fportraits to landscapes, all done in the same loose, relaxed style.

He has demonstrated this approach at art fairs, festivals, society demonstrations, cable television, and in his classes.

Classes are always taught with Thos taking you from a blank sheet of watercolor paper to a completed painting by the end of class.

Using an overhead mirror allows the student to see every move Thos makes as he paints. Questions are freely encouraged and laughter abounds as he relates stories of his own misadventures in painting as well as famous artists of the past and present.

He has studied with Ron Ranson, Ed Karasek, Marilyn Bradley, Eric Wiegardt, Sharon Long, calligrapher Yen Ching, and the late Rex Brandt.

Thos is a member of The St. Louis Artists’ Guild, the St. Louis Watercolor Society, and is a charter member of the Art Registry for Children’s Charities, donating a portion of his sales yearly at special events.

Currently, Thos is teaching classes in several locations in the Southwestern Illinois Area. For more information about taking classes with Thomas click here.

He is also available on a limited basis for one, three, or five-day workshops, demonstrations, and commissions.

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